DIY is Not a Spectator Sport

Football season sees plenty of fans participating in training with their whole-hearted beer-bellies and their sure-fire plans for improving the team and spanking the competition. The NFL is good enough to graciously accept this unsolicited advice as the right to inundate their fans with ads and help them empty their wallets. 1224537_46304928Let it be said here and now, my friends, DIY is NOT a spectator sport. No one participating in DIY is making money off of your couch-potato opinions. (If they were it wouldn’t really be DIY any more.) We spend so much time as a society “pinning”, “liking”, “following” and “joining” that we have forgotten there is a real world where these projects actually have to take form. It’s time to rise up, set up ladders, take up paintbrushes, and return to the field. DIY is not a spectator sport, it is the work of the courageous, the people who not only dream but who rise up and take action. And here at Spectre Cat we put forward ideas for those who are not faint of heart, but plan to master the craft.

What You Need to Play the Game

DIY is perhaps what we could call a full contact sport. It is a game that can be just as unforgiving as a 400 lb defensive lineman. But it can also be far more rewarding than any touchdown, because what you build, improve, and create in your home is lasting. Whether you’re intending to keep your work superficial, or you think you’d like to learn the inner workings of the great machine that is “your home” you’re going to need more than raw talent. Some of the essentials are as follows:

  • 15606548_lA saw: 7-8 point per inch blade will provide you good service for all your basic maneuvers. The cut is not so fine that it takes for ever, nor so rough that it leaves much to be desired and sanded.
  • A screwdriver: No one has gotten very far without one of these puppies. You are going to need a screwdriver to get into any of the contraptions that make your house run. It’s also wise to have at least one Philips and one flat head. Or you can just buy a handle with multiple screw tops.
  • A Hammer: The caveman was the first to use tools, and the first tool he used was this handy blunt object. Drive your point home with a 16 oz. hammer.
  • A ladder: Multipurpose ladders, articulating ladders, or maybe just a step-ladder. Don’t neglect to get a ladder that will provide you with the proper support, and give you a leg up.
  • A measuring tape: to see how far you still have to go! A basic 25’ tape will help you find the goal.

Let’s get out there and leave everything on the field.

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